Mompoxino creates small runs of handmade products designed by Luisa Fernanda Garcia-Gomez since 2010. 

    Mompoxino reclaims traditional techniques such as embroidery, weaving and naturals dyes in an effort to reconstruct contemporary concepts behind mass produced materials used in our everyday life.
    Within interactions with artisans, Mompoxino develops a number o f questions such as - What is the ideal dynamic within a collaborative effort between artisans and designers? How and why might we choose to create products containing both modern and traditional aspects? What are the advantages or differences in clientele/product in working with a process that yields serial productions versus one that produces unique pieces? 
    with the aim to develop a line of high-end, sustainable projects. In order to create a company that is sustainable both economically and culturally supportive, Mompoxino explores the relationship between artist and artisan.


    Classic on the tip of modern style, each product is unique and made high-end offering comfort, elegance and a certain discrete charm available only through the best materials and production.