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    Thank you for your interest on Mompoxino shoes.


    Your pair of shoes will be ready in 2 weeks from the next business day after your order is recieved and acknowledged via an email confirmation.





    Mompoxino regularly ships to customers in North America via USPS, which is offered on a complimentary basis. (EU  and global service available upon request).  UPS/Fed ex accounts wlecome.




    Mompoxino offers a 10 day grace period in which you may return the product if the fit is not proper. Upon return of your order you will be refunded in full.  Worn shoes cannot be accepted for return.


    How to take care of your Mompoxino Shoes:


    Like your skin, leather needs care, and moisture from time to time.


    A soft cotton rag can be used to clean, add a thin layer of mink oil removing any excess for luster and flexibility..


    For a shinny and  new aspect, polish your Mompoxino shoes with a soft brush.